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What do I need to do to rent a Slovnaft BAjk?

If you want to rent a bicycle, you have to register at via the registration form and pay online for the selected pass. You will receive an SMS message with the PIN code that you will enter into the keyboard on the selected bicycle. After the lock is unlocked, you can start your ride.


Is it possible to register in a different way than via

In the pilot operation phase, registration is possible only via However, in the upcoming months, the Slovnaft BAjk mobile application will also be added to the system and users will be able to register and pay for the service at the smart stations we are currently preparing.


What if I do not receive the PIN code in an SMS message after I register and pay for the pass?

You can also find the current PIN code in an email sent to the email account that you entered in the registration form. However, if your PIN code for unlocking the bicycle does not arrive in this form, please contact our Infoline directly by phone or email.




Can anyone use Slovnaft BAjk?

The Slovnaft BAjk service is intended for users who are at least 16 years old.


For how long can I rent a bicycle?

Bicycles can be rented by the user for a maximum of 24 hours.


Can I rent a bicycle for a ride outside the borders of Slovakia?

Bicycles are permitted for use exclusively within the territory of Bratislava.


What if the bicycle I want to rent is damaged?

If a user notices a bicycle malfunction before or at any time during the rental period, they must report it to the Infoline and stop using the bicycle immediately.


What should I do if I get a bicycle tyre puncture?

Due to the fact that bicycles have reinforced tyres, the user can reach the nearest docking station even with a puncture.


What if the docking station is full? Where should I lock the bicycle I am currently using in this case?

If the bicycle is not returned to the drop-off station because it is fully occupied, the user is required to return it to the nearest possible free docking station. The availability of free bicycle spaces can be verified at


Can I give a ride to my child or another person on the bicycle?

It is forbidden to transport other people on the bicycle. The attachment of a child seat to the bicycle and its use is only at the risk and liability of the user.


Do I have to wear a helmet?

When riding in the city, wearing a helmet is not mandatory for users, but the provider recommends it for the safety reason. When riding outside the city, the helmet is an obligatory part of the cyclist’s equipment, and in the case of using the Slovnaft BAjk service the helmet must be provided by the user him/herself.



Is it possible for one user to buy more than one pass?

At the same time, the user can purchase an unlimited number of passes, using only one bike per one pass at a time.


Do I pay a deposit for renting a bicycle?

In the start-up phase of the Slovnaft BAjk service, when there is only one Promo pass available at 1 Euro, users do not pay a deposit for renting a bicycle.




How have the locations of docking stations been selected and why are the stations not located at all important traffic hubs in Bratislava?

The project team took account of multiple system requirements for station placement. The aim was to integrate the automatic bicycle rental system into the public transport system, therefore priority was placed on stations close to public transport stops or close to existing cycle paths. When selecting the locations, the principle was also maintained to ensure that every subsequent station is located at a distance of approximately 300 to 500 metres. Of course, for the location of the stations it was important to address the land settlement, as the stations are located on the territory of the capital city and SLOVNAFT, a.s. premises.


Whom should I contact if I have a good tip for a new Slovnaft BAjk docking station?

E-mail your service improvement tips and tips for new docking stations to info[a]




What are the Slovnaft BAjk service operating hours?

The Slovnaft BAjk service is available to users continuously, 24 hours/7 days a week.


When can I contact the Infoline?

The Infoline of the Slovnaft BAjk service is available to users continuously, 24 hours/7 days a week for the first two weeks after the launch, subsequently from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.