1. Register at www.slovnaftbajk.sk.

2. Choose from the passes and pay with your credit card through online payment. 

3. Your PIN code will arrive via SMS. Enter it on the numeric keypad of the selected bicycle. If you already have a prepaid pass, enter your PIN code on the numeric keypad of the selected bicycle.

4. Before you start your ride, check the technical condition of the unlocked bicycle. If the bicycle is damaged, do not ride it and return it to its station within 2 minutes. If you do so, the rental period will not be subject to compensation. Report the damage through www.slovnaftbajk.sk.

5. Return the bicycle to any Slovnaft BAjk docking station. Slide the front wheel of the bicycle into the marked place on the docking stand and lock it with the locking mechanism on the bicycle's frame. An appropriate locking and end of renting period are confirmed by sound signal and information stating “LOCKED“ appearing on the bicycle's display.

6. You will see the information about your ride and utilization of your purchased pass in your programs.



Inappropriate locking of the bicycle results in further utilization of your prepaid renting. In case you do not use the Slovnaft BAjk bicycle, always return it in the docking station or into the spare stand.