BAjk through Bratislava! Rent at one docking station, return at the next. Cruise through the city quickly, comfortably and at an affordable price. Get your BAjk from any docking station in Staré Mesto, Petržalka, Nové Mesto and Ružinov.

  • Register

    1. Register

    Register and create your account.

  • pay by card

    2. Pay by card online

    Choose a program and use your payment card to make an online payment.

  • get your pin

    3.You will receive a PIN code

    After paying you will receive your personal PIN code via SMS. The code will also be sent to the e-mail address you used to register.

  • rent the bajk

    4. Rent a BAjk

    Find the nearest docking station. Enter the PIN code into the BAjk, unlock it, remove it from the station and enjoy the ride, but ride with consideration please.

  • return the bajk

    5. Return the BAjk

    Return the BAjk to any docking station with an empty space.

  • ride info

    6. Information about the ride

    Information about the ride will be saved in your account.


Inappropriate locking of the bicycle results in further utilization of your prepaid renting. In case you do not use the Slovnaft BAjk bicycle, always return it in the docking station or into the spare stand.


Being considerate towards others and caring about safety and traffic rules is just as important as pedalling.


  • safety-traffic lights

    Obey all traffic rules and respect other road users.

  • safety1

    Before the ride, check the bike's technical condition. If it is damaged, take another one and report the damage via our website or app.

  • safety1

    You are not allowed to ride with your hands off the handlebars, to carry several persons on one bike, ride on rails or to carry objects in your hands during the ride.

  • safety1

    It is not recommended to ride a bike in reduced visibility conditions, bad weather conditions or on ice, nor to make phone calls or use headphones during the ride.

  • safety1

    It is recommended to ride in bike lanes, to wear a helmet and high-visibility elements and to signal your intention to change your direction to other road users.

For more information on the road safety campaign, visit BRATISLAVA.SK.